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Last evening following the terrorist attack we heard politicians and commentators refer to this jihadi event as one of more than 350 “mass shootings” for 2015, more than one a day. Wow, where did this come from?

They finally shared “Mass Shooting Tracker”. http://shootingtracker.com/wiki/Mass_Shootings_in_2015

The 2015 data was in Excel format and we saved here 2015CURRENT which documented 354 “mass shooting” (involves four or more victims) events for 2015 in chronological order. We sorted by State and saved the document.

NOlathe observations:

  • Only 18.3% (65 of 354) had identified shooter(s). This implies ‘drive-by shootings’ and other gang like activities are included.
  • Top 5 States account for 35.0% with top 10 accounting for 55.9% of the total. MassByState . This analysis further shows the impact of sites ie: Chicago have on the claims made “more than one mass shooting per day”.


Ken Dunwoody



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On Thursday May 23, 2013 moments prior to Congress leaving town for a long week-end (Memorial Day), Obama attempted to distract America from his three scandals but in fact created #4.  As if choreographed by Johnson County’s ballet dancing, we have a President on tip-toes wading through a pile of chicken poop, from Henpecked Acres.


Obama Masterfully Uses Code Pink Heckler To Make His Case That GITMO Must Be Closed

By: Jason Easley    May 23, 2013

A Code Pink heckler thought she was protesting the president, but in reality she helped President Obama make his case that GITMO must be closed immediately.


Obama was explaining that there was no justification for Congress to prevent him from closing GITMO, when a Code Pink heckler interrupted him. The president said, “Let me finish ma’am.” The heckler started ranting about the detainee hunger strike, and the president replied, “I’m about to address it ma’am, but you’ve got to let me speak. I’m about to address it ma’am. Why don’t you sit down, and I’ll tell you exactly what I am going to do.” The Code Pink heckler was incorrectly claiming that Obama is Commander in Chief so he can close GITMO. This is true, but the president needs funding from Congress in order to close the facility, and move the detainees. Congress continues to refuse to fund the closure of GITMO.

The Code Pinker wasn’t going to swayed by anything that the president had to say, so she continued to rant. Finally, the president said, “Thank you. Thank you, ma’am. You should let me finish my sentence. Today, I once again call on Congress to lift the restrictions on detainee transfers from GITMO.” The protester who has been identified as Medea Benjamin interrupted the president a third time. His patience wearing thin, the president said, “Part of free speech is you being able to speak, but also me being able to speak. And you listening.”

Obama later said that he cut her some slack with her interruptions, and admitted that she had a point. The president also mentioned that he thought Benjamin wasn’t listening to a word he said.

Do you want to know why President Obama let her speak? This is going to come as a shock to the far left, but Obama agrees with her on the basic idea that GITMO must be closed. By letting the Code Pink protester ramble on, President Obama got his message about Congress needing to authorize the transfer of detainees out of GITMO on the frontpage of every website, and it will be the lead story all over cable news tonight.

Code Pink has been grossly misinformed, as has much of the far left, about the political maneuverings that have resulting in Congress blocking the closure of GITMO. They want to blame Obama, because as Benjamin put it, he is the commander in chief. Their childlike naive view of presidential power is that the president can do anything, but that’s not the way it works.

In March, Republicans admitted that they are the ones who are preventing GITMO civilian trials, yet groups like Code Pink continue to blame Obama.

The president needs funding in order to close the facility and move the detainees. Congress refuses to grant that funding. Obama has been down this road numerous times on GITMO. He gets everything ready to close the facility and move the detainees, only to see Congress refuses to fund it.

Obama handled the heckler beautifully, and the whole thing worked out to his advantage, because now the world will get to see who is really preventing the closure GITMO.

Since 2009, congressional Democrats have repeatedly screwed Obama by refusing to close GITMO. If Code Pink and the rest of the far left want to protest those responsible for GITMO still being open, they should start with Harry Reid.

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Thwarted Fort Hood Terror Attack Raises New Questions About Radicalism Within Military

By Yochi J. Dreazen

Updated: July 28, 2011 | 6:25 p.m.
July 28, 2011 | 5:07 p.m.

Law enforcement authorities in Texas thwarted an attempted terrorist attack at Fort Hood, the military base that was the site of a 2009 rampage that left 12 soldiers dead. But Thursday’s arrest of Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo raises questions about what can be done to prevent troops from adopting—and acting on—violent Islamist beliefs.

Abdo had disappeared from Kentucky’s Fort Campbell after receiving word that he was going to be court-martialed for the possession of child pornography. Law enforcement personnel say he then drove to Texas and purchased bomb-making material for use in a planned attack on Fort Hood.

Abdo was arrested when a clerk at Guns Galore, a firearms store in nearby Killeen, grew suspicious of the young soldier’s efforts to buy canisters of smokeless powder, which can be used in explosives. The clerk, Greg Ebert, alerted the Killeen police, who searched Abdo’s room in a nearby motel and found enough components to build at least two bombs, according to a law enforcement official. The official said Abdo’s room contained copies of the Quran and extremist literature, which appeared to have been downloaded from the Internet, though he didn’t elaborate on the specific nature or source of the documents.

Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin described Abdo as a “very dangerous individual” with the clear intent of attacking U.S. troops. “Military personnel were a target of this subject,” he told reporters. “I would classifiy this as a terror plot.”

Baldwin said the plot had apparently reached a fairly advanced stage, but declined to say how close Abdo was to carrying out the attack. Abdo is expected to be arraigned on a variety of federal charges, including terror-related offenses, tonight or tomorrow morning.

“We would have probably been here today giving a different briefing if he had not been stopped,” Baldwin said.

The planned attack will force senior military personnel to again confront uncomfortable questions about the degree of Islamic radicalization within its ranks.

Abdo is at least the third Muslim-American soldier suspected of trying to kill his fellow troops since the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003, then-Sgt. Hasan Akbar threw a grenade into a tent in Kuwait, killing a pair of American soldiers. Six years later, Maj. Nidal Hasan was charged with opening fire on a crowd of troops at Fort Hood, killing 13 people—including 12 soldiers—in the worst act of military-on-military violence in U.S. history.

Akbar was sentenced to death, and military prosecutors recently said Hassan would face the death penalty if convicted. A civilian Muslim-American convert named Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month for a separate 2009 attack on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., which killed one soldier and badly wounded a second.

Hundreds of Muslim-American soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the attacks have highlighted a worrisome dynamic in which a tiny fraction of those troops have become radicalized—either by their own changing feelings toward the United States or through exposure to extremist Islamist clerics—to such a degree that they were willing to kill U.S. troops.

In the aftermath of the 2009 Fort Hood rampage, lawmakers from both parties accused the Army of turning a blind eye to the extent of the Islamic extremism within its ranks because top officers didn’t want to alienate other Muslim-American troops or suggest all such personnel were somehow suspect.

Critics noted that colleagues of Hasan’s at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he had done his residency and served as a psychiatrist before being transferred to Fort Hood, said the alleged shooter expressed fervently Islamist views and deep opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In at least one case, Hasan gave a public presentation titled “Is the War on Terrorism a War on Islam: An Islamic Perspective,” which was interrupted after participants complained that he appeared to be encouraging terror attacks against the United States.

Investigators also uncovered evidence that Hasan had been in regular contact with radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen with ties to al-Qaida who is thought to live somewhere in Yemen. The Obama administration has authorized the CIA or the military’s special operations forces to kill Awlaki when located.

In the new case, military and civilian officials cautioned that Abdo’s motivations remained unclear. He had received conscientious objector status to avoid serving in Afghanistan, but military authorities rescinded his release after they allegedly discovered child pornography on his computer.

Abdo had been slated to face a general court martial, and one military official at the Pentagon suggested that Thursday’s planned attack could have been meant as revenge for the trial. Law enforcement officials in Killeen, by contrast, say that Abdo appears to have been willing—and nearly ready—to commit an act of Islamist terror.

Investigators believe Abdo was working alone, but they are probing his movements in recent months to see if the suspect met with anyone suspicious or communicated electronically with Awlaki or other extremist clerics. Regardless of where the investigation leads, the military—which had hoped to put the difficult questions raised by the Hasan case behind it—will again be forced to confront the specter of an enemy within.

Want the news first every morning? Sign up for National Journal’s Need-to-Know Memo. Short items to prepare you for the day. http://www.nationaljournal.com/nationalsecurity/thwarted-fort-hood-terror-attack-raises-new-questions-about-radicalism-within-military-20110728

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Sheila Jackson Lee demands hearing on ‘right wing extremists’

, Spokane Conservative Examiner

July 28, 2011
CNS News reports that Jackson Lee made the statement during a hearing of the House Committee on Homeland Security about the radicalization of young Somali-American Muslims by the terror group al-Shabaab.
“I would add to that, that I would like to have a hearing on right-wing extremists, ideologues who advocate violence and advocate, in essence, the terrorizing of certain groups,” she said.

Jackson Lee did not specify who she considered a “right-wing extremist,” but given her statements in the past, one can conclude that her idea of a “right-wing extremist” is anyone with whom she disagrees – or possibly those pesky Tea Party activists who believe in following the Constitution.

Or it could be anyone who goes to a Christian church or believes in God. In June, Jackson Lee claimed “Christian militants” might try to bring the country down.

CNS reports that while the committee was focused on real threats of terror, Jackson Lee focused on what she called “hate groups.”

“You will hear how al-Shabaab, who bin Laden called one of the most important armies of Islam, is engaged in an ongoing, successful effort to recruit and radicalize dozens of Muslim-American jihadis, who pose a direct threat to the U.S.,” Rep. King said at the hearing.

But Lee apparently was not concerned with real threats from Islamic groups and asked that a 39-page document addressing “hate groups” be included in the congressional record along with two FBI documents regarding domestic terror. King allowed the inclusion of her documents.

According to CNS, Jackson Lee wants the committee to receive briefings from the FBI and the CIA.

“My concern with the focus of the hearings that we have had is the isolation of certain groups,” she said.

In Jackson Lee’s mind, Christians and people who do not agree with her are more of a threat than the terrorists who have declared war on America and have actually killed thousands of innocent people.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Sheila Jackson Lee demands hearing on ‘right wing extremists’ – Spokane Conservative | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-spokane/sheila-jackson-lee-demands-hearing-on-right-wing-extremists#ixzz1TS3NXIkd 

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  • United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
March 23, 2010

Mexico and the United States have a shared interest in creating a 21st century border that promotes the security and prosperity of both countries. The U.S. and Mexican governments have launched a range of initiatives that challenge the traditional view of “hold the line” and are developing a framework for a new vision of 21stcentury border management.The new framework is based on the principles of joint border management, co-responsibility for cross-border crime, and shared commitment to the efficient flow of legal commerce and travel:
  • Enhancing Public Safety – The protection of Mexican and U.S. citizens from the criminal organizations responsible for the traffic in people, drugs, arms, and money across our common land border is a key priority for both countries. In addition to the bilateral Merida Initiative programs currently underway, we must develop joint strategies for key smuggling and trafficking corridors along with regular sharing of information on investigations, prosecutions, and screening practices.
  • Securing Flows – The central challenge in managing flows of people and goods is to separate high-risk travelers and cargo from low-risk ones. Tools that help prevent illegitimate trade and travel while expediting legitimate trade and travel include implementing complementary risk management strategies in both countries, establishing a bi-national “model port” to share information on goods and people, and improving trusted traveler and shipper programs. We must work together with the private sector to ensure that we achieve these goals.
  • Expediting Legitimate Commerce and Travel – Each day, about a billion dollars of commerce and a million people cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Affirmative steps that accelerate the flow of people and goods through ports of entry enhance both countries’ economic competitiveness. Both countries need work with the private sector to encourage investment in the people, technology, and infrastructure that comprise a 21stcentury border. Secure transit lanes for pre-cleared rail and truck shipments as well as passenger pre-clearance programs are two tools that could make cross border trade and travel more efficient.
  • Engaging Border Communities – Mexico is the number one or number two export destination of twenty-two U.S. states. Cross-border trade contributes enormously to the economic vitality of both countries, especially in the border region. Continuing to engage border communities, as well as state, local, and tribal governments in bi-national strategy development, law enforcement, and communications, is essential to collaborative border management.
  • Setting Policy – Achieving rapid policy change requires an agile inter-agency process within each country as well as a means by which both governments can easily coordinate at a bi-national level. Both countries need to reinvigorate their policy-setting architecture to address the statutory, regulatory, systems, and infrastructure changes needed to realize our new vision of collaborative border management.


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View the entire 9 page Click –> DHS Report 

Co-author:  Charles Winkler, Virginia

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

Ken Dunwoody

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In cooperation with The Department of Homeland Security, Missouri State and local law enforcement agencies have produced this training video to assist the citizenry to identify terrorist activities in an effort to prevent further acts of terrorism in Missouri.  Watch closely on who is reporting on whom.  Comments welcome.


“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                                          

Henpecked Acres                                                      
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062
kdunwoody2@aol.com www.NOlathe.com http://NOlathe.net http://NOjocoboco.net
View Sarah’s Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUWuUvOZ7RY http://vimeo.com/23038312

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