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 Is this Dawn Kuhn? (Shawnee Council Pic)

                  Or is this Dawn Kuhn?  (KC Star Pic)


Or Is this Dawn Kuhn? http://www.shawneedispatch.com/chats/2008/mar/27/dawn_kuhn/  “One of the biggest problems with campaigns is that every vote we make can be turned into an unexplained and distorted soundbite.”

Or is this Dawn Kuhn?  “The Shawnee City Council is considering switching from written minutes of its meetings to audio recordings that the public can download.

The council on Monday asked city staff to study the audio recording option. That postponed until January further discussion on replacing detailed written minutes with a condensed written minutes at an expected annual savings of $17,000 in transcription costs.

The city’s Public Works and Safety Committee has recommended following the Kansas League of Municipalities’ recommendation to switch to condensed minutes. (Now Council Minutes are a Public Works and Safety Committee issue?  Communal paper cuts?)

Council members voted unanimously to table the recommendation, after a more than an hour of discussion. Councilwoman Dawn Kuhn cited cost-effectiveness as the primary reason to change.”  http://www.kansascity.com/2010/11/12/2423133/shawnee-looks-at-audio-minutes.html#ixzz15sFiH6mz 

So far in 2010 there have been 22 City of Shawnee Council Meetings of which there were 7 (31.8%) where one or more member was absent at the beginning of the meeting.  http://cosweb.cityofshawnee.org/WEB/MINUTES.NSF/City%20Council%20Minutes%5C2010?OpenView  This does not account for leave earlies, part-time or watching ESPN.  Beyond this inconvenience of communicating with your employers, what about communicating with your peers who are ultimately and equally responsible and accountible for the contents in detail of every meeting?

If you are so eager to save $17,000 why not drop your UNION dues to the Kansas League of Municipalities of $19,980 paid in 2009?

Is this about campaigns or your responsibilities to your employers?  So Dawn, what’s the next step in audio minutes?  Press one for English?  E quanto custo las?

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