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In the Nethical land of Noz where a State Legislator has no requirement to reside within Noz to be elected, why should us Nomes be surprised at this:

  1. In the land of Noz, Legislators write laws that require City, County and School Board Nomes to “RESIDE” in the Nome District they represent. In the land of Noz, Legislators only need ”RESIDENCE” on the one day they apply for office. Noz Apartments rent $400/month on a month to month basis.
  2. Now it is confirmed that Noz Legislators may work as a full time Salary Non-Exempt Nemployee of a Nome School District ($90,000/year plus benefits) and create legislation that benefits the Nome School District the Nomes have to pay for. Actually the Nomes are paying for the school salary/benefits, the legislative salary/benefits and additional taxing that this creates.

Not to fear though, Noz’ Senate has an “Nethics and Nelections Committee”. But it is controlled by the same Nethical non-Nomes that enjoy this Nonsense. http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2011_12/committees/ctte_s_ethics_electns_1/


Vice Chair

Ranking Minority Member


2012 has as much importance to the land of Noz as to this GREAT Nation. Question and VOTE with boldness.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
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Earlier this week The Kansas Chamber of Commerce targeted three State Senators from Johnson County for defeat in 2012. By name Senators Vratil, Owens and Huntington for not supporting the Kansas business community. A fairly bold step to fund Republican campaigns to defeat other republicans.

If you live in Johnson County, you know that Overland Park is the political power house and often attempts to control Topeka.  I should have said “has been”. Thangs aira changin round heer.

Recently managed by Mary Birch, controlled by Dick Bond and Ed Eilert, let’s look at how these Overland Park Chamber folks measure the performance of the County’s State Senators.  The chart below measures Senator votes aligned with the 2011 Overland Park Chamber’s position.  The higher the percentage the more aligned with the Overland Park Chamber.  I’ll be dog-gone!  It’s the same three, Vratil, Owens and Huntington.  Imagine that! http://www.opchamber.org/upload/file/2011-Voting-Record.pdf 

Maybe it’s not such a good thing to be part of the Bond, Eilert, Vratil, Birch and Rose alliance any more?

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3 Johnson County State Senators on Kansas Chamber Political Hit List

January 10, 2012 – Leave a Response

Three Johnson County Republican Kansas state senators, John Vratil of Leawood, Tim Owens of Overland Park and Terrie Huntington of Fairway are on the list for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce list of incumbents to be defeated.
That list also includes Senate President Steve Morris. Vratil is the Vice Chairman of the Senate.

According to the AP, The Kansas Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee is targeting eight incumbent state senators in Republican primaries this year, and one of the group’s officials said Tuesday the PAC raised more than $163,000 last year to help finance its efforts.

The Chamber PAC’s targets include Senate President Morris, of Hugoton. Republican conservatives have been upset with Morris and other senators over a host of issues, including taxes.

Jeff Glendening, the chamber’s vice president for political affairs, said the group hopes to replace the incumbents with “free market” challengers.

The chamber’s efforts are significant because the Senate represents the last major stronghold in state government for moderate Republicans. Gov. Sam Brownback has said he will stay out of primaries. His fellow conservatives believe ousting several incumbent senators will clear the last significant obstacles to anti-tax, small-government policies.

The Chamber PAC expected to file a report Tuesday with the secretary of state’s office detailing its activities for 2011. But Glendening confirmed details ahead of the filing, saying the report will show that the PAC raised more than $163,000 and spent about $112,000 last year, including maximum $1,000 contributions for challengers to eight incumbent GOP senators.

Glendening said the chamber is concerned about a lack of growth in the number of private sector jobs in Kansas and believes policies backed by Senate leaders are a major factor. All eight incumbents being targeted voted in 2010 to increase the state’s sales tax to help balance the budget.

“The strategy of Senate leadership clearly hasn’t worked, and it’s time for private sector growth in Kansas,” Glendening said in an interview.

Morris said he and other GOP senators have tried to take a balanced approach to dealing with the state’s past budget problems. He said the targeted senators have supported pro-business policies, such as phasing out the state’s corporate franchise tax, essentially a fee for the privilege of doing business in Kansas.

“You hear a lot of discussion about the rancor within the Republican Party, and to me, the most prominent reason for that rancor is these divisive primaries,” Morris said.

Glendening said the other incumbent GOP senators whose challengers received maximum contributions from the Chamber PAC are Pete Brungardt, of Salina; Carolyn McGinn, of Sedgwick; Vicki Schmidt, of Topeka; Jean Schodorf, of Wichita.

Vratil is Senate vice president, and McGinn is chairwoman of the budget-writing Ways and Means Committee. The other five also hold Senate chairmanships.


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I believe you and Lloyd deserve an explanation for this “rumor” as it has now been drawn to your attention.
Following a presentation that I made this last week-end in central Kansas about Agenda 21 and ICLEI, off camera I was asked to comment about the Johnson County and Kansas State Republican Party. Off hand my basic response was:
* The purpose of the Party Chairperson is to support and disseminate the Party Platform.
* The Party Platform is “the ethical and moral beliefs” of the electorate majority of that Party.
* If the Party Platform is wrong, change it until then support it.
* The Party does not endorse candidates.
* Candidates endorse the Party Platform.
* When candidates differ from the Party Platform, that should be known and specifically acknowledged by the candidate. (If there are 10 planks it is unreasonable to believe 100% agreement, but not a later surprise!)
* From the Bond/Eilert/Vratil strategies implemented by puppet Mary Birch at the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, periodically the goals of The Chamber were measured against the voting results of State Legislators from Johnson County. http://www.opchamber.org/upload/file/2011-Voting-Record.pdf 
* The County and Kansas State Chairs’ job is simple, measure voting results as compared to the Party Platform and disseminate that information. Allow the electorate to influence and decide.
* The only evidence needed to defend my position is A) 2010 “Clean Sweep” all r’s deserve to win vs. B) The voting record of Vratil, Owens and Huntington which will again be supported in 2012 by Ronnie, Amanda, et al.
Do I want this job? Hell no! Will I serve if asked to meet these goals? Hell yes! Are there others that would do it better, only if I piss them off.
In a message dated 11/8/2011 1:52:28 P.M. Central Standard Time, NHanahan@aol.com writes:
Have heard that Ken Dunwoody is thinking of running for Jo.Co. Republican Party Chairman.

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Since 2006 the House has attempted to over turn the 2004 statute requiring that illegal aliens residing in Kansas be allowed to pay in-state tuition to Kansas Universities. Since 2009 Senate REPUBLICAN Leadership has blocked the House Bill from the Senate floor. This current session HB-2006 was again blocked in committee. What was the in-tuition of JoCo Republican Senators on repealing in-state tuition in 2008? https://nolathe.net/2011/04/17/intuition-of-johnson-county-republican-senators/ 






Sen. Terrie Huntington (House)




Sen. Thomas Owens (House)




Sen. Julia Lynn




Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook


No Office Held


Sen. John Vratil




Sen. Robert Olson (House)




Sen. Raymond Merrick (House)



 Non-partison County Commissioners that support funding for illegal immigrants remain Eilert, Allen, Lindstrom, Peterson, Hayden, Osterhaus and Ashcraft. https://nolathe.net/2011/08/13/which-side-do-you-stand-on-commissioners/ 
“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
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What’s more important, a candidate with a “R” after the name or a Platform with a “R” before it’s name?



Some fear GOP could fracture

Loren Stanton lorenstanton@npgco.com 913-385-6068POSTED: 10:00 am CDT July 5, 2011UPDATED: 12:00 am CDT July 10, 2011

Sun Illustration by Chuck Kurtz
Is there a split in Kansas’ Republican Party? Some say yes.

For years now there has been a clear power struggle within the Kansas Republican Party, but some major party figures say something about that tussle has changed. 

The rift between conservatives and moderates, they maintain, is widening into a chasm that could have significant implications for the party and the state. 

“I see Kansas Republicans being more divided than in years past,” said Senate Majority Leader John Vratil of Leawood. “There now are three elements in the party. There are the moderates, the conservatives and what I call the radicals. These radicals are a new group, and they have forced conservatives to move even farther to the right.”

With Sam Brownback in the governor’s chair and many others on the right holding legislative seats, conservative forces in the Capitol are stronger than ever.

But many aligned with that side of the party want more. They seek decisive legislative majorities that could push an aggressive conservative agenda.

And if getting there means working for the ouster of more moderate GOP senators, then so be it.

Vratil is one of three such targeted senators from Johnson County, and he is being frank about what is happening and what it could mean. 

“This has a chance to destroy the Kansas Republican Party as an effective political entity,” Vratil said. “Even Bob Dole would be considered a RINO by (their) standards. He has told me that.”

One Johnson County-based conservative political group called Union of Patriots recently held what it called a RINO (Republican In Name Only) Retirement Dinner. Its intent was to rally support for defeating Vratil and fellow Johnson County moderates Sens. Tim Owens and Terrie Huntington. 

While there long have been conservative Republicans who rise up to challenge moderates, Vratil sees a key difference this time. Some sitting Republican legislators are openly endorsing efforts to challenge fellow GOP incumbents.

“That really has divided the party, and it’s something we’ve never seen before,” Vratil said. 

Steve Shute, co-chairman of Union of Patriots, confirmed that several incumbent legislators attended that RINO dinner. 

The grassroots organization has no links to the Republican Party, and Shute said its primary aim has nothing to do with partisanship. Instead, “We are looking to stamp out corruption,” Shute said.

And, he added, Union of Patriots will oppose policymakers or candidates from any party or ideology whom the group sees as corrupt.

It just so happens that the only targets of the recent dinner were three moderates (or, in Shute’s estimation, liberals) who have helped thwart some conservative initiatives.

The type of corruption Shute alludes to does not involve taking bribes or doing anything else illegal. He rates as corruption such things as Owens bottling up a bill in committee that would overhaul how judges are selected. It is Vratil failing to excuse himself from debate and votes on education issues even though his law firm has represented school district interests. It is both of them “looking the other way” when state agencies engage in practices the group sees as improper or wasteful. 

Vratil clearly believes the kind of internal divide evidenced by the RINO dinner – coupled with what he sees as a radical conservative agenda – could prove detrimental to the party. Kansas voters, he maintains, still are predominantly moderate and they will not accept a Legislature that leans too far either right or left. 

Ronnie Metsker, chairman of the Johnson County Republican Party, does not see things in such dire terms. 

Metsker said that while he always emphasizes party unity, there is no escaping the fact that the GOP has diverse points of view in Johnson County that sometimes will clash.

“My challenge as county party chairman is to bring people together. With that in mind, we were able to win 33 of the 35 (legislative) contests we had candidates in last time. So when there is talk that the party is fractured and that Republicans are divided, no. No,” Metsker said. “I don’t know that we have a fracture, but I think we are having a family discussion.”

At the same time, he acknowledged that all the election successes might be adding to tensions within the party. 

“Once you have won everything it seems the only place to go is to shoot at one another, and we’re probably experiencing that right now,” Metsker said. 

The stakes candidates will be shooting for in the next election are high as far as control of the Legislature is concerned. A coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans kept some parts of the conservative legislative agenda from being implemented in this year’s session, but it would not take much to alter the dynamic.

According to Vratil’s math, if two Senate seats shift from moderates to conservatives, the balance of power also will shift. 

“The Senate serves as a very good backstop for rational commonsense thinking,” Vratil said. Take away those two votes, and the backstop disappears, he said. 

Clay Barker, executive director of the Kansas GOP and also a Leawood resident, agrees with Metsker. He believes that once the dust of the primaries settles, party unity will be restored regardless which candidate emerges victorious. 

“We all will be dedicated to supporting the winner. We’ll pull behind all with an R behind their names,” Barker said. “At their core almost all Republican candidates have similar core beliefs.”  (NOlathe Note: Maybe the R in front of The Party Platform is more important than the R after a candidate’s name?)

But Sen. Owens of Overland Park, another of the so-called RINOs, also believes the rhetoric and tactics now being employed by some on the right will be damaging.

“If they continue in the right-wing hard-core Republican belief of things and display an angry and vicious approach to things, it will backfire on them,” Owens said. “People are going to get tired of that and want us to get back to rationality.” 

Recently, Owens called a press conference to refute an inaccurate accusation lodged against him by a conservative blogger.

The blog entry maintained that Owens had lied about having received three Bronze Stars while serving in Vietnam as a colonel in an infantry intelligence unit. Owens produced the medals and certificates proving they were his. The blogger ultimately apologized. 

While no one in the party structure had anything to do with that incident, Owens said such things happen when the political climate is so divisive. 

Even some Democrats are sympathizing with their beleaguered moderate Republican colleagues.

Senator Minority Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka said he agrees with Vratil that a more conservative push would lead to policies most Kansans would oppose. Of course, Democratic legislators must rely on forming a coalition with Republican moderates if they hope to achieve their goals. 

“We have a mainly moderate majority in the Senate. Our role is not to push an agenda that is right or left, but to prevent things (from either extreme) from becoming law,” Hensley said. 

The U.S. Congress, Hensley believes, could take a lesson from Kansas senators in how to form an effective bipartisan coalition. If the next election shifts the Senate to a conservative majority, however, Hensley fears that example of cooperation will be lost.


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 WE THE PEOPLEDear Kansan,

Today the Kansas Senate voted to stop the Community Defense Act (CDA) from becoming law in Kansas.


Ignoring the House of Representatives overwhelming vote in favor of CDA, the Senate with a 17-22 vote rejected the CDA.


The Senate decided that protecting Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) trumps protecting all Kansas communities.


Missouri legislators did protect their communities last year. But in Kansas, for two years in a row now the Kansas Senate refuses to heed the evidence, the court rulings and the common sense logic of the majority of the people in Kansas who support CDA.
We owe Sen. Steve Abrams a big thank you. Senator Abrams of Arkansas City showed great courage in forcing a vote on CDA today. 
Yesterday, Senate leadership opposed and ruled to deny a vote on CDA but Sen. Abrams found a way to get their name on the line and procedurally, forced a vote.
See how your Senator Voted today and where they live:
What now for CDA? Two things:
  • CDA will be back next year in 2012 for another vote and  
  • There is a Senate election in 2012 (Let your friends know) 




VoteRemember a few months ago when the Manhattan City Council voted to adopt a city ordinance that granted special rights to homosexuals and a quasi court to enforce penalties?
Since then the citizens of Manhattan had an election, rejected and replaced two of the activist city council members.
THEN…last night the new Manhattan city council voted to revoke the anti-traditional family ordinance.
Congratulations to the hundreds of Manhattan citizens, leaders and Awaken Manhattan for not giving up on family values.  You are a city that persevered! 
Stay Strong, 

Phillip & Cathy Cosby
American Family Assoc. of KS & MO


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