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Lets look at facts: http://online.wsj.com/news/interactive/IVCostsprint?ref=SB10001424127887323884304578328173966380066

State by Stae

Sorted looks like this: State HC per capita  Enough said?

Rank State  Cost per person
1 D.C.  $  10,349.00
2 Mass  $    9,278.00
3 Conn  $    8,654.00
4 Maine  $    8,521.00
5 Del  $    8,480.00
6 N.Y.  $    8,341.00
7 R.I.  $    8,309.00
8 N.H.  $    7,839.00
9 N.D.  $    7,749.00
10 Pa  $    7,730.00
11 W.Va.  $    7,667.00
12 Vt  $    7,635.00
13 N.J.  $    7,583.00
14 Md  $    7,492.00
15 Minn  $    7,433.00
16 Wis  $    7,233.00
17 Fla  $    7,156.00
18 Ohio  $    7,076.00
19 S.D.  $    7,056.00
20 Neb  $    7,048.00
21 Wyom  $    7,040.00
22 Mo  $    6,967.00
23 Iowa  $    6,921.00
24 Hawaii  $    6,856.00
25 Alaska  $    6,856.00
26 Miss  $    6,795.00
27 Wash  $    6,782.00
28 Kan  $    6,782.00
29 Ind  $    6,756.00
30 Ill  $    6,756.00
31 N.M.  $    6,651.00
32 Mont  $    6,640.00
33 Mich  $    6,618.00
34 Ky  $    6,596.00
35 Ore  $    6,580.00
36 La  $    6,571.00
37 Okla  $    6,532.00
38 N.C.  $    6,444.00
39 Tenn  $    6,411.00
40 S.C.  $    6,323.00
41 Va  $    6,286.00
42 Ala  $    6,272.00
43 Calif  $    6,238.00
44 Ark  $    6,167.00
45 Colo  $    5,994.00
46 Texas  $    5,924.00
47 Nev  $    5,735.00
48 Utah  $    5,658.00
49 Idaho  $    5,658.00
50 Ga  $    5,467.00
51 Ariz  $    5,434.00

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Accountability– “The buck stops here” nature of ultimate source of authority to complete a task.

Delegate– Given the responsibility to complete a task.

Responsibility– Temporary and limited authority to complete a specific task.

–  –  –  –  –

A Cruise Ship with no Captain/Navigator is run by the crew just to survive while reserving life-boat seats.

–  –  –  –  –

Johnson County, Kansas decisions are made at Staff level and blessed by the elected part-time 5 hours a week County Commissioners.  The go to work 40 hours a week folks are Delegating Accountability to the Commission thus avoiding Responsibility, completely back-asswards.  This occurs as a result of no vision or leadership, ie: collective vote of JoCo BOCC creating a herd mentality looking for a leader to follow.  I have nothing less than total respect for County Staff and their efforts in the absence of leadership.

–  –  –  –  –

A President can Delegate Responsibility to a Cabinet Secretary.  The President retains Accountability.

The White House claims the President did not know or participate in the following debacles:

  • Not investigate New Black Panther charges 2008 Elections
  • Not investigate 2008 ACORN Election fraud charges
  • Fast and Furious (Weapons to Mexican Cartels)
  • Benghazi assassinations
  • IRS blocking TEA Party efforts 2010 elections
  • IRS sharing private information with the White House
  • NSA privacy violations
  • Blocking access to WWII veterans while allowing access of protesters to Memorials
  • Selectively inflicting pain to certain groups during the “shutdown” including active military families
  • implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

I am sure there are many more but this is what comes to mind now.  No one has lost their job and no one is holding Obama ACCOUNTABLE because “he did not know”.

Looking at the current status of Chicago, one can only guess Obama was piss poor at that also.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

Ken Dunwoody                                           
Henpecked Acres                                               One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062

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Kansans Against Common Core sent out a e-newsletter a couple of weeks (Thanks to them for that!) ago that had a speech from a former teacher who collected old text books and that got me thinking.  She talked about how school
books have become thicker with less information and how the problems have been dumbed down.  I had to see this for myself.  Went out to e-Bay and bought an arithmetic book from 1898 named “Graded Lessons in Arithmetic”.  It is a book for the sixth grade level.  Pictures and example shown below.

What did I learn?  Well just from briefly looking through it I figured out it is definitely more advanced than what is being taught now in high school.  Most all of the problems are word problems relating to normal occurrences of those days and easily to say they would relate to our own lives.  I let my older daughter look through it, who is a sophomore and she replied “I don’t think I could do some of these problems.”  I have to say that I find them intimidating.  I know if I sat down and took the time to work them out I could do them but this is the math of
a sixth grader.  The other obvious difference is the thickness of the book.  You can tell just by looking a the book with the pencil on the cover.

And one of my favorite paragraphs from the “INTRODUCTION TO GRADE VI.”

“A thorough mastery of any subject comes only from repetition; hence many review exercises are given so that the pupil may be able to rely upon himself and learn to work absolutely without assistance.  Principles are taught, and not rules; and the work is made practical, so that the pupil can be prepared for the affairs of every-day life.

And since I spent some time on a farm there is one awesome barn question in the book.  Remember 6th grade students!

“A man builds a barn 80 ft. long, 45 ft wide, with 30 ft. posts.  The roof has a one-third pitch, and the rafters are 28 ft long.  Find how many feet of inch boards will be needed for sides and ends, allowing for 2 double doors 14ft. by 12 ft. and 2 single doors 9 ft. by 6ft. Find the feet of lumber needed for floor, covered with 2-inch planks.  Find the feet of
roof-boards needed. Find the feet of lumber needed for doors, if 1 1/2 in. boards are used.  Find the cost of lumber at $16 per M.”

My question is “Where did we get lost?”  I remember times in class when the teacher mentioned the phrase “word problems” you could hear the groan from the class.  I bet back then when the teacher said “no word problems” the class groaned.  From here on out when ever I hear an individual employed in the education field tell me how well our children are achieving or how great the education is I will call (pardon my language) BS!

I would encourage everyone to go out and purchase a text-book from 1899 or later (I don’t think the progressives had
their hand in education quite yet).  It will give you a completely different perspective and get ready to be pissed off.  But the way I picked this book up for about $12.00 with shipping.  They are fairly reasonable and should be purchased and protected.

Thanks for listening to the rant,

Shawn Dietrich





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Ken Dunwoody

Critics’ Choice

Most Americans have dispensed with the lost art of writing to their politicians. More still probably can’t name their representatives on the local City Council. Ken Dunwoody is not one of these folks. It’s possible that the Johnson County commissioners have blocked Dunwoody’s e-mail address, given the frequency of his missives about their latest missteps. What has raised Dunwoody’s ire? The county’s purchase of the old King Louie building. This led the Olathe resident to frequent the Johnson County Administration Building to do research and confront commissioners about their investment in the bowling alley turned shanty in Overland Park. Dunwoody at times veers into the realm of unverified and unlikely conspiracy theories, but it’s nice to see that someone is still paying attention.


“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

Ken Dunwoody                                            
Henpecked Acres                                                  One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062

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