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Let’s start by taking a look at Overland Park’s code enforcement http://www.opkansas.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/726-property-maintenance.pdf with selected highlights below.


Next, look at the County’s assessment of King Louie at time of purchase and how $1,600,000 needs to be spent immediately.   Button Up

 Here is partial presentation supplied to the Commissioners 11/17/2011.

Under Kansas laws the definition of “reasonable person” appears several times.  So as a “reasonable person” I submitted a lawful KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) request to The City of Overland Park for violations of the above ordinance filed to 8788 Metcalf aka King Louie.  Expecting $100’s of dollars in expense for copying charges to me, I awaited a massive file.  Here is what I received 8788metcalf with the two most recent reports highlighted below:

Documents show that according to Overland Park with their extensive safety ordinance in place and functioning, a total of $1,450 was required to prevent condemnation or severe violation compliance from 2008 through year end 2011 of this same King Louie debacle The County will spend $1,600,000 just to plan on how much more to commit, for public safety.  This without the asbestos removal estimate?  Oh ya, Kansas law requires the asbestos removal BEFORE the $1,600,000 renovations can occur!!  Just being “reasonable” here.

We recently gave notice to the Commissioners to fix this, and soon.  There has been no public effort to do so and with the elections now passed, we will do so for them with the courts’ help.  Some really good stuff between Veterans’ Day 2012 and year end.  In the court 2013.


Might this be under the dysfunctional DA Howe’s Office of jurisdiction?  Hate to be in his position.  In violation of “Home Rule Charter” who all endorsed him for re-election again?

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