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When the City of Overland Park petitioned the Johnson County Board of Commissioners to annex 15 square miles of rural privately owned properties, Kansas Statute 12-521 required The Commission to hold a Public Hearing.  This is the story of the befores and afters.

During the Public Hearing held October 30, 2007 several officials speaking for the City of Overland Park repeatedly stated knowledge of the poor economy yet insisted that services by The City would not reduced and that the tax levy would not increase.  These statements were directed to both the existing areas of Overland Park and the annexed properties.


Page 5:  Mayor Gerlach “Given the city’s current budget of $266,300,000 the revenues to be derived from the annexation area, the natural growth in the city’s tax collections, and the City can absorb the capital and net operating costs for the extension of services without any increase in the mill levy.”

Page 5:  Mayor Gerlach “Let me summarize these effects of this proposed annexation on fire services in light of this new agreement.  Response times to incidents in the annexed area will not decrease and, if anything, it will get better with road improvements the City will make; the fire district will suffer no financial losses; the City’s fire service will not be impacted, nor will services in the annexed area; and finally, the annexation will not affect the ability of the fire district to serve its remaining service area.”

Budget information taken from http://www.opkansas.org/City-Government/City-Budget 

2006 Budget

    Adopted 2006   Change from Previous Year  
Total budget: $ 225,274,000 $ 5,772,450
Operating budget: $ 96,325,667 $ 6,505,3667
Current revenues: $ 139,854,641  $ 4,839,876
Mill levy: 9.037 0.000
Full-time employees: 875 30

Public safety needs continue to be addressed. The 2006 Budget includes the addition of nine full-time Police Department employees. Five police officers and one police sergeant will address growing service demands and improve the officer-to-citizens ratio. Three crime analysts will focus on technology/internet-based crime as well as monitor information related to terrorism threats. The 2006 Budget includes the addition of nine firefighters (three per shift) in the Fire Department. These additions will ensure that all single company stations are staffed at a minimum of four persons to allow timely service delivery in areas lacking readily available backup. The addition of personnel is also anticipated to reduce overtime expenditures. Two court security officers are added in the Municipal Court.

2007 Budget

  Adopted 2007 Change from Previous Year
Total budget: $ 251,380,000 $ 26,106,000
Operating budget: $ 102,320,864 $ 5,955,197
Current revenues: $ 152,693,875  $ 12,839,234
Mill levy: 8.889 (-0.148)
Full-time employees: 889 14

Fourteen full-time positions have been added in the 2007 Budget: nine in the Police Department, one in Public Works, one in Facilities Maintenance, two in Parks and Recreation and one in Planning and Development Services. In addition, part-time positions which provide program enhancements have been added based a needs analysis. The addition of 2.5 FTE (full-time equivalent) part-time parking enforcement officers/school crossing guards and 26.77 FTE part time positions community center positions are included.

2008 Budget

  Adopted 2008 Change from Previous Year
Total budget: $ 266,300,000 $ 14,920,000
Operating budget: $ 107,499,461 $ 5,178,597
Current revenues: $ 161,327,475 $ 8,633,600
Mill levy: 8.832 (0.057)
Full-time employees: 907 18

Sixteen full-time positions have been added in the 2008 Budget: six in the Police Department, three in the Fire Department, one in the Law Department, one in Information Technology, one in Facilities Maintenance, one in Public Works, two in Parks and Recreation and one in Planning and Development Services. In addition, part-time positions which provide program enhancements have been added based a needs analysis.

2009 Budget

  Adopted 2009 Change from Previous Year
Total budget: $ 251,140,000 $ (15,160,000)
Operating budget: $ 108,145,520 $ 646,059
Current revenues: $ 160,824,658 $ (502,817)
Mill levy: 8.852 0.020
Full-time employees: 910 3

The 2009 Budget includes 910 full-time employees, an increase of three full-time employees over the adopted 2008 Budget. ♦ Two full-time positions were added in 2008 outside of the budget process: conversion of a part-time attorney to full-time in the Law Department and the addition of an engineer in the Public Works Department. ♦ Seven full-time positions were identified for elimination during budget development: one in the City Clerk’s Office, two in the Police Department, one in the Fire Department, and three in Planning and Development Services. ♦ The 2009 Budget includes the addition of eight full-time employees: three Public Works maintenance workers to serve the annexed area, three employees in the Parks and Recreation Department to staff enhancements at the Deanna Rose Farmstead, one Stormwater Best Management Practices Engineer, and a Facility Supervisor at the Overland Park Soccer Complex.

2010 Budget

  Adopted 2010 Change from Previous Year
Total budget: $ 235,757,000 $ (15,383,000)
Operating budget: $ 105,292,372 $ ( 2,853,148)
Current revenues: $ 152,737,883 $ ( 8,086,775)
Mill levy: 8.890 0.038
Full-time employees: 901 (9)

The 2010 Budget includes 901 full-time employees, a decrease of nine full-time employees from the adopted 2009 Budget. This reduction includes: Accountant Finance Department, Employment Specialist Human Resources Department, Police Officer Police Department, 3 Farmstead Attendants Parks and Recreation Department, GIS Analyst Planning and Development Services, Systems Building Inspector Planning and Development Services, Civil Engineer Planning and Development Services.

The 2008 Budget had been finalized months prior to the petition to annex.  Years 2006, 2007 and 2008 are pre-annex years while 2009 and 2010 are post annex years.

2006-2008  tax levy went down average of .068/year     Employees went up 20.6/year

2009-2010 tax levy went up average of .029/year   Employess went down 3/year

If you were part of this disception “what ya gonna do when they come for you?”

If you still have your property rights “what ya gonna do when they come for you?”


“The rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted.” James Madison

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