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Damn the facts that the City of Overland Park selectively enforced Public Safety Ordinance prior to the sale…

Damn the facts that the Mitchells were facing bank foreclosure immediately prior to the sale…

Damn the facts Johnson County was closing libraries for lack of funds…

Damn the facts Johnson County was early retiring employees for lack of funds…

Damn the facts Johnson County purchased this property without knowing how to pay for it…

Damn the facts Johnson County has no projected “Profit/Loss”  documents for this property…

Damn the facts Johnson County has paid interest on borrowed money for one year with no activity…

Damn the facts Johnson County delayed “emergency repairs” for one year…

Damn the facts Johnson County Museum has no plans to raise $9,000,000 private funding…

Damn the facts Johnson County Museum budget depends on popcorn and hotdogs sold…

Damn the facts Johnson County Commissioners bobble headed more money 12/13/12…

Our part time 2 hour a week $100,000 a year each Commissioners followed the bouncing bowling ball to sing-a-long with King Eddie in lieu of Mitch Miller

No electricity or water.  What about Fire Department inspections?  Coming soon to a museum near you!

Contrary to a desired belief that Johnson County is Heartland America , our elected damn the facts in lieu of private agendas and personal interests.  Damn the facts…

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
 Ken Dunwoody
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As previously posted UN Agenda 21 Chapter 18 is all about controlling water http://nolathe.net/2012/01/20/chapter-18-of-the-united-nations-agenda-21-is-all-about-water/ 

Now we find more of The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) again implementing this enforcement of the United Nations’ Global Governance which legally has no/nada/none/nunca/zero authority approved or recognized by The United States Congress.  (Televised 12/13/12)

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                                          GOD
Henpecked Acres                                     
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062
kdunwoody2@aol.com http://NOlathe.net http://NOjocoboco.net
View Sarah’s Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUWuUvOZ7RY http://vimeo.com/23038312

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Some months ago we visited the ‘Register of Deeds Office’ located on the first floor of the Johnson County Office Building and asked for documents associated with 8788 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park.  Although this cost NOlathe staff nearly 15 minutes and $4.25 copying fees here is some of what we found.

On June 27, 2003 and years before going out of business, a Mortgage was filed on the property located at 8788 Metcalf Ave aka King Louie Building.  The entire June 27, 2003 Mortgage may be viewed here.


Page 1-  Property required to remain in tenantable condition.


Page 3- Pay mortgage due or forfeit property if condemned.


By now some of you may think “Ken has lost it.  Too much hospital and too many meds have done him in.  What does a 2003 mortgage have to do with the county purchasing an asbestos laden building in 2011?”  

Well, let’s look at another document we found filed with the mortgage.  December 15, 2011 Satisfaction of Mortgage


Do you remember on November 10 and 17 of 2011 the Commissioners were told that this had to be completed before year-end or the deal was off?

Do you remember the Real Estate Purchase Contract signed on November 17, 2011?  Did you know the property had an existing mortgage that apparantly the Mitchell’s could not pay off and subject to loss?

Did you know that the referenced contract is considered a “Bankable Note” which means it could be used to borrow funds sufficient enough to pay off the mortgage on December 15, 2011 prior to year-end?

And then there is the previously posted lack of failed Public Safety inspections by The City of Overland Park.  Well actually that is the recorded and saved failed Public Safety inspections by The City of Overland Park.  Did you know The City of Overland Park has a Public Safety Committee that controls this file?  Do you know who was the Chairperson in 2011? 

WOW!!  It gets even better before this year-end.  And The Commissioners remain silent.  What a shame.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                                                     GOD
Henpecked Acres                                                                  
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062
kdunwoody2@aol.com http://NOlathe.net http://NOjocoboco.net
View Sarah’s Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUWuUvOZ7RY http://vimeo.com/23038312

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In November 2011 we witnessed 6 of the 7 Johnson County Board of County Commissioners tripping over each other to support  an unfunded $3.6 million purchase of an asbestos laden building (with gross conflicts of interests) that just had to be completed NOW (at the sellers’ request). 

Then we watched how Chairman Eilert justified this unfunded expense as an investment and a great deal.

When The Wall Street Journal drew national attention to this unfunded project, Chairman Eilert stated that neither he nor any of the Commissioners were supportive, he was misquoted and the numbers had been exaggerated.

Now that Chairman Eilert’s (and the remaining fewer Commissioners’) Socialist In Chief  Hussein Obama has been re-elected, we finally find the truth (or at least for now, momentary and readily available to further changes depending on several future outcomes that have yet to be shared or known because of tidal changes, moon phases, earthquakes, interest rates, taxable income, global warming, ELK Club Membership, Rotarian Luncheon dues, KU vs. KSU basketball odds to win what ever Conference they may or may not belong to in 2020, etc.)  for 2013 or until Chairman Eilert is asked again:  king-louie-purchase





Courtesy of and product of the following philosophies: Author of Johnson County’s Comprehensive Plan 2020

43Ken Dunwoody  kdunwoody2@aol.com


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Let’s start by taking a look at Overland Park’s code enforcement http://www.opkansas.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/726-property-maintenance.pdf with selected highlights below.


Next, look at the County’s assessment of King Louie at time of purchase and how $1,600,000 needs to be spent immediately.   Button Up

 Here is partial presentation supplied to the Commissioners 11/17/2011.

Under Kansas laws the definition of “reasonable person” appears several times.  So as a “reasonable person” I submitted a lawful KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) request to The City of Overland Park for violations of the above ordinance filed to 8788 Metcalf aka King Louie.  Expecting $100′s of dollars in expense for copying charges to me, I awaited a massive file.  Here is what I received 8788metcalf with the two most recent reports highlighted below:

Documents show that according to Overland Park with their extensive safety ordinance in place and functioning, a total of $1,450 was required to prevent condemnation or severe violation compliance from 2008 through year end 2011 of this same King Louie debacle The County will spend $1,600,000 just to plan on how much more to commit, for public safety.  This without the asbestos removal estimate?  Oh ya, Kansas law requires the asbestos removal BEFORE the $1,600,000 renovations can occur!!  Just being “reasonable” here.

We recently gave notice to the Commissioners to fix this, and soon.  There has been no public effort to do so and with the elections now passed, we will do so for them with the courts’ help.  Some really good stuff between Veterans’ Day 2012 and year end.  In the court 2013.


Might this be under the dysfunctional DA Howe’s Office of jurisdiction?  Hate to be in his position.  In violation of “Home Rule Charter” who all endorsed him for re-election again?

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

Ken Dunwoody                                                            GOD
Henpecked Acres                                                            
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062
kdunwoody2@aol.com http://NOlathe.net http://NOjocoboco.net
View Sarah’s Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUWuUvOZ7RY http://vimeo.com/23038312

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During the rush to purchase the King Louie Building and fund the transformation in to The National Museum of Suburbia, we heard several Commissioners express their support based on the revenue generating opportunities this building possessed.  Very recently I personally heard one Commissioner publicly support his decision and vote to purchase this building as it would “actually make money for the County”.  Intrigued that this stood in substantial opposition to published facts, I presented a lawful KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) request to see this new magical document (Operating Budget through 2020) and yep, it’s the same as the one I already had.


Two thirds of the building’s operational expense is tax funded.  Also of note and not to demise the true sincere hard work and fund raising the volunteers and contributors make, donations remain somewhat meager compared to their committment of raising $9,000,000 immediately.  In anyones’ measure, this is not a cash cow but a cache hole.

Stay tuned folks, we’re getting down to the really good stuff now.

Ken Dunwoody       kdunwoody2@aol.com

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Our ‘pig in a poke’ King Louie purchase has several tentacles, more like an octopus.  Reviewing the definition of “tentacle” reveals an appendage used for feeding of a spineless organism.  Yep, that about describes our County Commissioners.

We have already shown the guise justification in purchasing the building is nothing short of eliminating the very thing they wish to make a museum of, suburbia.  The planning document 2011InterpretiveMasterPlan details precisely how the suburbs of Johnson County are no longer needed or deserved when compared to the need of consolidating populations back to the inner cities.  The Obama administration United Nations has determined that “sprawl” is not sustainable and that wealth must be redistributed.  This posting takes a look at who funded the commissars’ new plan.


The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is an independent agency of the United States federal government established in 1996. It is the main source of federal support for libraries and museums within the United States, having the mission to “create strong libraries and museums that connect people with information and ideas.” IMLS “works at the national level and in coordination with state and local organizations to sustain heritage, culture, and knowledge; enhance learning and innovation; and support professional development.” In fiscal year 2007, IMLS had a budget of $247 million.


We know their precious document used to purchase an asbestos laden building and committing as much as $40,000,000 in the near future was written by an United Nations Obama agency.  Now what are the odds?  http://www.imls.gov/ 

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Johnson County Commissioners discussed the purchase of the King Louie Building from Western Developement Company (owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell) on November 10 and 17, 2011 for the purposes of relocating the current County Museum and creating a National Museum of Suburbia. A vote of 6-1 (Mr. Ashcraft dissenting) this $2,000,000 Real Estate Purchase Contract was approved with signatures highlighted below (Note: signed same day).

Also during November 10 and 17, 2011 a great deal of discussion centered on the estimated cost of $1,600,000 to “button up” the building to make it secure and weather tight.  Again on a 6-1 vote (Mr. Ashcraft dissenting) this action was approved Button Up excerpt below-

Although known to exist in large quantities, there was no attempt by the County to measure levels of asbestos and lead paint until the day after the Real Estate Purchase Contract was signed and $1,600,000 committed for immediate repairs.

The entire 72 page 208-APEXFormerKingLouieWestEnvironmentalInspectionReport may be viewed here noting it was not issued until December 8, 2011 approximately three weeks after the Real Estate Purchase Contract was signed.

Activities detailed in the $1,600,000 “Button Up” will require the removal of the asbestos and lead paint contained in the building.  Why was the measure of these two hazardous waste materials not identified, or even attempted to be identified until following the signed Contract?  Why was this not discussed publically?  Are The Commissioners gambling on a Federal Tax Funded grant?  How long will that take?  Even the Real Estate Purchase Contract required it’s approval prior to December 30, 2011.

Had Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell misled or defrauded Johnson County?  They knew about the asbestos and lead paint since July 15, 2010 more than a year earlier.

State of Kansas Health Department and asbestos engineering specialists recommend this inspection should have occurred PRIOR to purchasing the property.

Albeit not issued until December 8, 2011 was the Environmental Inspection Report thorough in where to test as recommended by The State of Kansas?  (From page 4)

Page 3 of the Real Estate Purchase Contract allowed The County to cancel the contract.  Why didn’t they?

That leaves us with at least these possibilities:

  1. The Mitchells may have intentionally mislead The County.
  2. Collectively the Commissioners are incompetent.
  3. Poor County leadership.
  4. Poor performance by Staff. (Doubtful)
  5. Political reward to Commerce Bank to prevent loan default by Mitchells. (More to follow)
  6. Political reward to City of Overland Park to prevent condemnation scheduled for January 2012. (More to follow)
  7. Political reward to prevent loss of $60,000 commission to Kessinger-Hunter (real estate broker) if #5 or #6 above occurred. (More to follow)
  8. Political reward to prevent loss of $2,000,000 to Mitchells if #5 or #6 above occurred.
  9. Act of nature and unavoidable.

More to follow.


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The 82 page 2011InterpretiveMasterPlan available here.


This document reeks of Agenda 21, ICLEI and Sustainability.

Above example from page 30

About the author-  “Guy was one of the first people to be certified by the US Green Building Council as part of the new LEED Green Associate program. “LEED Green Associate” and the LEED Green Associate logo are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and are awarded to individuals under license by the Green Building Certification Institute.”  http://museuminsights.com/About_Us.html


After receiving a copy of this document, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal traveled to interview the principal parties involved and wrote an accurate article basically ridiculing not only the Board of County Commissioners but also those Kansas folks that elected them.  http://nolathe.net/2012/10/10/faux-board-of-johnson-county-commissioners-kansas/    Johnson County Commission Chairman Eilert denied the purpose of purchasing the building, no one supports the museum and The Wall Street Journal reporter was confused.

So why the rush to buy the building in November 2011?



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