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For me personally that’s very true “How I vote is none of your business!”

But what about our elected Representatives?  Is how they vote on our business, our business? In Kansas, apparently not. On January 27, 2015 the Kansas House of Representatives expressed their opinion.


 (Click on below pages to enlarge or go here 1.27.14_vote )






Clearly orchestrated by the Republican Leadership (top 5 not highlighted above) a vote for transparency in voting was defeated. We only know how they voted because some brave soul asked for a Roll Call Vote (only done by request and not normal or required procedure).

Rep. Ron Ryckman’s justification will be added here- “blank at time of posting”.

Republicans insist they are the Big Tent Party. This tent has walls, can’t see in or out.

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In early 2014 Mr. Benjamin Hodge and myself filed a lawsuit in District Court claiming the Johnson County Board of Commissioners had exceeded their Home Rule Charter authority when dismissing previously appointed members of the Johnson County Mental Health Commission. Events preceding the suit were well documented by The PITCH shared here:   http://nolathe.net/2014/01/02/county-commissioners-straight-jacket-mental-health-board-of-volunteers/

Johnson County commissioners get rid of its troubled mental-health board

Posted by  on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 9:44 AM

http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2013/12/24/johnson-county-commissioners-get-rid-of-its-troubled-mental-health-board         The PITCH


  • Steven Klika: “When you have cancer, you get rid of it all.”

JoCo BOCC claimed their intervention was necessary to end the nearly $1,000,000 per year funding out of General Funds to keep the Mental Health Fund solvent.  After two court hearings the County persuaded the Judge that an old State Statute rendered the County’s Home Rule Charter void and ruled in favor of the County.

UPDATE, Lets look one year later.

This December 18, 2014 request for at least an additional $800,000 from General Funds is blamed on billing delays do to new software. Doesn’t that mean these tax dollars will be returned to General Funds when resolved? Shouldn’t that be stated?  Isn’t this the same excuse used a year ago?

Never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed and sure BOCC would rather see us as patients and not as critics. But this just doesn’t seem to have worked out all that well. Surprised?  Could we get their help with legal fees?

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Big government and I am here to help.

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Concerned Kansas Citizens,

My name is Renee Slinkard and I got your name off of the immigration enforcement petition that I had on my website a few years ago that you signed. I presented that petition in the Committee hearings in Topeka. In just a few months I and with some help throughout Kansas submitted over 1,000 signatures. The problem was that in the Committee hearings you do not know how the representatives voted on the bills. So, to resolve this issue, Representative Rubin (best known as Judge Rubin) will be submitting an amendment on Tuesday that will provide for us to see how our representative’s vote. It is called “Record a Vote”. Also, he will submit a amendment to stop bundling bills and to stop having midnight sessions. All 3 of these amendments are important to the people of Kansas as there should be transparency in our legislative process. So, when there is an important bill such as immigration enforcement or reversing instate tuition on illegal aliens, or common core, we know how our Representative voted. Please Read Below. Your presence is very important; if you can’t be there please call and urge your Representative to vote in favor of “Record a Vote”, No Bundled Bills, and no late night sessions. Let our voices be heard!

The session is now open in Topeka and I will be sending you information on important issues, especially immigration, since you signed the petition I know you are with me on this important issue and want security, jobs, and no taxpayer dollars going toward illegal aliens.

Thank you



Below is a change of date from Monday to Tuesday. Please read about what is going on in our Legislature.




I think they heard we had a ton of people coming on Monday and changed it to Tuesday. Please get out the message. I will send you more information later and call when I get a chance.

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What happened to Monday?

Would you like to know how your KS House Representative Votes?

There will be a Kansas House Vote at 11:00 am on TUESDAY January 27th to determine if your State Representative will be required to record his vote on legislation that greatly affects you. This is one of the most important issues regarding the moral and ethical behavior of those we elect to public office.

Right now the Rules of the Kansas House do not require an elected Representative to record their votes on legislation to raise your taxes, give benefits to large corporations and regulate your life.

Be there in person or send someone. Meet at the door of the House Chamber by 10:30 am.

If you simply cannot make it in person you must call your legislator to let them know you support Record All Votes today and Monday!

11:00 am TUESDAY January 27, 2015

Kansas House Chamber

Capitol Building

6425 SW 6th Avenue · Topeka, KS 66615

Topeka, Kansas

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Doubling down on a bad buy

01/06/2015 1:27 PM

01/06/2015 1:27 PM

County officials must be counting on a winning lottery ticket in the next few years. That’s the only logical explanation for why the Johnson County Commission has agreed to move forward on a $22 million plan to renovate King Louie, a former bowling alley and ice rink in Overland Park.

The building itself, which county staff called, “iconic,” is worth less than the land it sits upon. Too bad no one mentioned that fact four years ago when commissioners agreed to spend $1.6 million to purchase King Louie or when they agreed to spend an additional $2 million to keep it from falling to the ground.
This December, county manager Hannes Zacharias said selling the property now would net less than $1 million after knocking it down. They had no specific plans for the space when they forked over the cash. Apparently, they believed they could never have too many failing buildings gathering dust on the books.
Now, county staff has announced grand plans for King Louie. Many of the officials advocating to spend $22 million on a worthless building are the same ones who said the county couldn’t pass up a great bargain like King Louie.
I’m not sure taxpayers should be buying anything these experts are selling. Unfortunately, the county commissioners appear ready to double down on their terrible purchase.
At a Dec. 18 meeting, four of seven commissioners granted county staff permission to move forward with the King Louie scheme. For $22 million, the building would be turned into a county arts and heritage center, house the Johnson County Museum and establish a permanent advanced voting location.
County staff listed a variety of laughable reasons why the building improvements should be funded. First, the county doesn’t have an arts or cultural center.
Staff failed to mention that the county does, in fact, regularly spend money on the arts. It maintains a public arts program that commits 1 percent of new building costs to purchasing art.
Meanwhile, county staff said the museum has mold and the hallways are too narrow. Both of those problems could be easily resolved with far less than $22 million. About one-third of King Louie would be used for the museum.
Another third of the dilapidated building would be used for a theater and parks programming, all under the direction of the county parks and recreation board. All but one member of that body recommended approval of the renovations.
Jill Gellar, executive director of the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District, told county commissioners that if the county handed them a check for $22 million, they would not use it for King Louie renovations. Instead, they would use it to develop existing parks space. So, the parks board doesn’t need King Louie, but they’ll take a free building.
At this point, the county wouldn’t even require that the board pay rent for King Louie programming. Nothing free is ever really free. I can envision a time when county staff use access to King Louie as a bargaining chip.
The King Louie project isn’t a bargain. It’s an insanity the county cannot afford.
In June, Zacharias proposed a county budget that included a tax rate increase, despite an increase in revenue generated from rising property values. Most property in Johnson County, King Louie excluded, increased in value last year, adding $10.3 million in county revenue.
Members of the commission vocally opposed a change in state law that they said stripped them of valuable revenue from mortgage tax registration fees, and Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning threatened to take the county commission to court if they didn’t agree to fund his department to the tune of an extra 40 deputies.
Johnson County government isn’t swimming in cash.
The commission managed to add sheriff’s staff, though not in the way Denning requested, and maintain its existing tax rates in the 2015 budget. That required a “fair amount of magic to make those numbers work,” Commissioner Michael Ashcraft said when he wisely voted against moving forward on the King Louie proposal.
“That magic is going to be doubling down next year even without this,” he said.
Freelance columnist Danedri Herbert writes in this space once a month.

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On 12.8.14 the Administrative Services Committee held a meeting. Roll call showed Paul, Chris and Nancy present and Eric absent. Three of the four members present provided a quorum.

But wait, there were eighteen guests also present. All eighteen of these guests were paid employees of the County. Seventeen of them under the direct supervision of the big guy himself who was also present. Purpose: overwhelm the three volunteer committee members just how great life would be in King Louie (even though the paid staff was unable to answer many questions with certainty).  Minutes of 12.8.14 Meeting available here Board Report 12-15-2014

One week later 12.15.14 Parks & Rec Committee of the Whole discussed. (Minutes not available).

Moments later 12.15.14 Parks & Rec Commissioners approved. (Minutes not available).

Three days later 12.18.14 County Committee of the Whole (aka Board of County Commissioners) approved. (Minutes not available however may be viewed here).




 Isn’t the year-end rush of 2011 what got us here?
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Johnson County Board of County Commissioners have now disclosed that the King Louie Property is currently worth $850,000 assuming the demolition of the King Louie Building at an estimated expense of $400,000.

So let me get this straight.  We are still paying interest on the $3,600,000 that we have already spent and if we spend another $400,000 (making $4,000,000 total) we’ll have something valued at 21.25% of our investment?  Sound impossible, even for government? Here is what we discovered.

  • Because the initial purchase was made with cash tax dollars, no one thought or were required to have an appraisal of the property. (Confirmed by KORA request)
  •  The leasing bank failed their fiduciary responsibilities to acquire an appraisal to ensure the funds were secured by a like valued asset. (Confirmed by KORA request)

After nearly 3 years of public resistance/resentment following this purchase and repairs, JoCo BOCC is attempting again to legitimize this failure of due diligence. On December 18, 2014 the existence of an appraisal was made known in an attempt to justify even more money.

NOlathe executed a lawful KORA request and received this 100 page document dated April 9, 2014  201408FormerKingLouieAppraisalReportwithPIV  just a few highlights:

Page 38- “The improvements are in a shell condition, and it is not likely that the property can continue to support the existing improvements well into the future. The building itself has exhausted its useful life and has many characteristics that pose serious challenges for conversion.”

Page 47- “Our value of the subject property with the current improvements in place is $550,000. The value of the subject property as a cleared vacant site ready for redevelopment based on the land value estimated in the following section of this report, less the demolition costs of the existing building is $850,000. Based on these estimations, it appears the current improvements do not contribute additional value to the site. We have concluded the highest and best use of the subject property to be razing the existing improvements for redevelopment to a residential use.”


So this 1959 steel and concrete building albeit iconic is wore out.

After $3,600,000 already expensed the property is only worth $550,000? But if we spend another $400,000 it might be worth $850,000?

One year ago we sued JoCo BOCC for violating The Home Rule Charter for the methods they used in replacing the County Mental Health Commission. Even though we had shown the JoCo BOCC two lawful methods to accomplish the same result, many felt we were anti Mental Health. So here we go again, many will believe we are anti Parks and Recreation.

My oath is not up for renewal every four years. Mine lasts a lifetime. Our next post will reveal more KORA information regarding this near panic to bring Parks and Rec in to King Louie January 2015.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
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