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On February 26, 2015 our Johnson County Board of County Commissioners will view the latest proposal to make King Louie a purdier pig. This make-over presentation only cost $150,000 that the Commissioners said was old money, already approved money, saved up to move the old moldy museum sometime long ago money. Funny no one asked how to pay for moving the museum if that money was spent finding a place to move it. Duh? Oh well, simple solution. Give the museum its own taxing authority and call it a park! More like a Merry-go-round cuz it seems we are going in circles.

Here is the $150,000 lipstick King_Wrecks all 62 pages. Mostly pictures so even our Commissioners can participate. But here is only little tidbit White HavenNext Steps

This is where it really gets neat (nutty can be neat). Merge the museum into the Parks and Wreck District so that both functions can administratively work under the direction of that District in a building they are not responsible for so that the county can sell $22,000,000 Bonds to pay for the renovations necessary while not affecting the District’s ability to also sell an additional $22,000,000 Bonds to pay for more parks only separated by new voting booths no one asked for while children play a sketch inside a building that has asbestos remembering when someone stayed at a hotel before bowling on an ice rink. Wasn’t that simple.

Degrees of separation between DC and JC is immeasurable. Stupid is as stupid does (when it is someone elses money).

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JoCo Commission Chair “Oh shucks! We need to discuss the 2013 Cow Flatulence Study. But the last time we had public meetings on this, the room rumbled when we lost control.”

JoCo County Manager “Let’s schedule a secret meeting in the bowels of the building.”

JoCo Commission Chair “Make sure all the exhaust fans are pointed towards the Courthouse. Just in case someone gets wind of this they won’t blame me. There’s an election next week and tomorrow is Halloween.”

JoCo County Manager “Don’t worry boss. No advanced notice, no minutes, no recordings and no press or public. Unless they’re downwind, no one will ever know about the votes either. Just between us, I really like it when you call me Spooky Dude, ah sorry boss. Consider it done!”

JoCo Commission Chair “Okey Spooky Dude, Depends.”

Spooky Dude “Depends?”

JoCo Commission Chair “Depends you idiot! Don’t forget Depends!”

This “Keep 50 feet from open flame” story starts in 2012. Briefly:

Wanting to know the 2012 connection between George Soros, Johnson County and Clarion Associates we filed a KORA Request and Complaint   http://nolathe.net/2012/03/21/complaint-filed-with-kansas-attorney-general/

Wanting to know the 2012 connection between George Soros, Johnson County and I.C.L.E.I. we filed a KORA Request and Complaint http://nolathe.net/2012/04/12/second-complaint-filed-with-kansas-attorney-generals-office/

Maybe due to increasing pressure or just an act of nature, shortly after these filed complaints Johnson County leaked out their I.C.L.E.I. membership had expired.  Even recently one Commissioner was quoted to have said “We aren’t a member of ICLEI, I had Spooky Dude confirm that.”  NOlathe and others have often said that getting JoCo out of I.C.L.E.I was much easier than getting I.C.L.E.I. out of Johnson County. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 since leaving I.C.L.E.I. George Soros and Agenda 21 is not only alive but thriving.

But unknowingly during the complaint investigations of 2012, JoCo released to The Kansas State Attorney General’s Office what will be referred to as the “stinking document” ICLEI kora letter

Or more specifically

Real stinky

“Except as ICLEI expressly authorizes in writing and in advance, Consultant shall not use, copy, modify, or distribute any of the ICLEI Property (electronically or otherwise) or any copy, adaptation, transcription, or merged portion thereof.”

A reasonable person would conclude that neither Johnson County nor Consultant may use ICLEI name or property without written/prior approval. Spooky Dude says “Depends!

On October 30, 2014 held a secret meeting to discuss the  2013 Cow Flatulence Study provided here October 30, 2014 unrecorded meeting document

  • Just like Clarion Associates is ICLEI’s endorsed Charter 2020 coordinator the Brendle Group     http://www.brendlegroup.com/ is the recommended Consultant for ICLEI endorsed Cow Flatulence Studies.

Further review of the secret October 30, 2014 Greenhouse Gas 2013 documents we find

  • Johnson County’s Consultant was Brendle Group
  • For the first time in Flatulence Study History a joint study was conducted with Kansas City, Missery a current and dues paying member of ICLEI.
  • Licensed measuring and accounting property of ICLEI was used to collect and compile the data
  • ICLEI.1
  • ICLEI.2

NOlathe is quite sure that a lawfully answered KORA request would reveal a written agreement between ICLEI, Kansas City and Johnson County. These Soros Dudes are Spooky, but they ain’t stupid. They leave that to us. In 2014 our Commissioners accept a study from 2013 conducted by a group they dropped from 2012 and bet their flatulence in silence near silence.

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Transparency in the Kansas House of Representatives: Some success

Last week the Kansas House of Representatives took votes on several amendments to its rules regarding transparency and understandability of the legislative process. Of the three most important amendments, two passed. The amendment that failed, however, was much more important than the other two.

The important amendment — the record all votes amendment — failed 51 to 67. This would have required that every non-trivial vote be recorded. Currently many important votes are by voice only, and no recording is made of who voted which way.

The limiting hours amendment passed 69 to 49. This would prevent the late-night sessions, where procrastination by the legislature has resulted in important business being conducted in the early morning hours.

The bundling amendment passed 82 to 35. This would prevent many unrelated bills being presented together for a single vote.

I’ve prepared a list of legislators and their votes on these amendments. I’ve also assigned weights to these votes, as one — the recording all votes amendment — is much more important than the others. So each member has a computed score, with higher numbers meaning the legislator is more concerned about operating transparently as opposed to the current ways. 42 Members voted in favor of transparency on all three amendments. But 34 voted against all three. The latter group includes the Speaker of the House, the Speaker Pro Tem, and the Majority Leader.

Looking forward: Will the Kansas Senate consider any of these reforms?

Download (PDF, 45KB)

Also read   http://wichitaliberty.org/kansas-government/ray-merrick-gotcha-factor/


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Three years ago we demonstrated how rain/snow was a new source of taxation for two large municipalities followed-up one year later when a state made the same decision, precipitation is taxable. http://nolathe.net/2013/04/11/maryland-governor-taxes-rain/

This ideology births from a national organization called I.C.L.E.I. and inter-nationally by the United Nations Agenda 21. Information on both is readily available. We have also posted information about Chapter 18 of Agenda 21 http://nolathe.net/2012/01/20/chapter-18-of-the-united-nations-agenda-21-is-all-about-water/  which is all about global control of water. We have posted documents and video of the Kansas Republican Party and the National Republican Party denouncing both these organizations and agendas.

In 2012 Johnson County Kansas Government documented they were no longer a member of I.C.L.E.I. yet in 2014 they documented their membership was current and in good standing (lie #4).

We believe this is driven in large part by Commission Chair Eilert, Office of County Manager, City of Overland Park and MARC (Mid America Regional Council).

Once removed from our TO-DO priorities (ICLEI) ICLEI is reinstated and updated in priority with this posting.

Denver Colorado is one of the 1992 founding members of I.C.L.E.I. and was one of the proposed funding partners with Johnson County http://nolathe.net/2013/04/11/maryland-governor-taxes-rain/  Here is an update on Colorado and a glimpse in to our future. DWR_RainwaterFlyer



Johnson County Kansas is full of Card Carrying Members of The Republican Party. Although Johnson County officials are by non-partisan elections, a reasonable person only has to look at who attends what functions to figure this stuff out! Maybe the county should define party platforms as trash and let Deffenbaugh segregate what is recyclable and landfill the rest. This pretense is laughable but coming to a neighborhood like yours. God controls water and his name ain’t ICLEI.

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For me personally that’s very true “How I vote is none of your business!”

But what about our elected Representatives?  Is how they vote on our business, our business? In Kansas, apparently not. On January 27, 2015 the Kansas House of Representatives expressed their opinion.


 (Click on below pages to enlarge or go here 1.27.14_vote )






Clearly orchestrated by the Republican Leadership (top 5 not highlighted above) a vote for transparency in voting was defeated. We only know how they voted because some brave soul asked for a Roll Call Vote (only done by request and not normal or required procedure).

Rep. Ron Ryckman’s justification will be added here- “blank at time of posting”.

Republicans insist they are the Big Tent Party. This tent has walls, can’t see in or out.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
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In early 2014 Mr. Benjamin Hodge and myself filed a lawsuit in District Court claiming the Johnson County Board of Commissioners had exceeded their Home Rule Charter authority when dismissing previously appointed members of the Johnson County Mental Health Commission. Events preceding the suit were well documented by The PITCH shared here:   http://nolathe.net/2014/01/02/county-commissioners-straight-jacket-mental-health-board-of-volunteers/

Johnson County commissioners get rid of its troubled mental-health board

Posted by  on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 9:44 AM

http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2013/12/24/johnson-county-commissioners-get-rid-of-its-troubled-mental-health-board         The PITCH


  • Steven Klika: “When you have cancer, you get rid of it all.”

JoCo BOCC claimed their intervention was necessary to end the nearly $1,000,000 per year funding out of General Funds to keep the Mental Health Fund solvent.  After two court hearings the County persuaded the Judge that an old State Statute rendered the County’s Home Rule Charter void and ruled in favor of the County.

UPDATE, Lets look one year later.

This December 18, 2014 request for at least an additional $800,000 from General Funds is blamed on billing delays do to new software. Doesn’t that mean these tax dollars will be returned to General Funds when resolved? Shouldn’t that be stated?  Isn’t this the same excuse used a year ago?

Never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed and sure BOCC would rather see us as patients and not as critics. But this just doesn’t seem to have worked out all that well. Surprised?  Could we get their help with legal fees?

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Big government and I am here to help.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
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Concerned Kansas Citizens,

My name is Renee Slinkard and I got your name off of the immigration enforcement petition that I had on my website a few years ago that you signed. I presented that petition in the Committee hearings in Topeka. In just a few months I and with some help throughout Kansas submitted over 1,000 signatures. The problem was that in the Committee hearings you do not know how the representatives voted on the bills. So, to resolve this issue, Representative Rubin (best known as Judge Rubin) will be submitting an amendment on Tuesday that will provide for us to see how our representative’s vote. It is called “Record a Vote”. Also, he will submit a amendment to stop bundling bills and to stop having midnight sessions. All 3 of these amendments are important to the people of Kansas as there should be transparency in our legislative process. So, when there is an important bill such as immigration enforcement or reversing instate tuition on illegal aliens, or common core, we know how our Representative voted. Please Read Below. Your presence is very important; if you can’t be there please call and urge your Representative to vote in favor of “Record a Vote”, No Bundled Bills, and no late night sessions. Let our voices be heard!

The session is now open in Topeka and I will be sending you information on important issues, especially immigration, since you signed the petition I know you are with me on this important issue and want security, jobs, and no taxpayer dollars going toward illegal aliens.

Thank you



Below is a change of date from Monday to Tuesday. Please read about what is going on in our Legislature.




I think they heard we had a ton of people coming on Monday and changed it to Tuesday. Please get out the message. I will send you more information later and call when I get a chance.

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On Jan 23, 2015, at 6:02 PM, “4slink” <4slink@embarqmail.com> wrote:

What happened to Monday?

Would you like to know how your KS House Representative Votes?

There will be a Kansas House Vote at 11:00 am on TUESDAY January 27th to determine if your State Representative will be required to record his vote on legislation that greatly affects you. This is one of the most important issues regarding the moral and ethical behavior of those we elect to public office.

Right now the Rules of the Kansas House do not require an elected Representative to record their votes on legislation to raise your taxes, give benefits to large corporations and regulate your life.

Be there in person or send someone. Meet at the door of the House Chamber by 10:30 am.

If you simply cannot make it in person you must call your legislator to let them know you support Record All Votes today and Monday!

11:00 am TUESDAY January 27, 2015

Kansas House Chamber

Capitol Building

6425 SW 6th Avenue · Topeka, KS 66615

Topeka, Kansas

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