Recently we became aware of and shared with you a communal involving Johnson County, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri governments conducting greenhouse gas surveys. At the end of the posting dated February 8, 2015 http://nolathe.net/2015/02/08/secret-meetings-hidden-documents-and-spooky-votes/  we noted the need for more discovery via Kansas Open Record Act (KORA) requests.

Now accomplished we have a better understanding for why we are hated by JoCo Staff and feared by JoCo Commissioners. Our simple and dates specific request resulted in hundreds and hundreds of documents. We received three emails, each with attachment containing the maximum amount of data transferable electronically.

The order in which we share this information is not in order of importance, events or dates.

With todays post we must start with a brief introduction to   http://www.icleiusa.org/networks/networks-1/heartland-local-government-sustainability-network

Heartland Local Government Sustainability Network

Dubuque, Iowa by Pete Zarria on flickr

Dubuque, Iowa. Photo credit: Pete Zarria on flickr.

September 17, 2010 marked the inaugural meeting of the Heartland Local Government Sustainability Network (HLGSN). HLGSN is an independent peer forum of municipal professionals in sustainability, energy, planning, environment, and allied disciplines. The geographic scope of the network includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas—aligning decidedly with U.S. EPA Region 7. The network allows some participation from South Dakota and North Dakota, which reside within U.S. EPA Region 8. The impetus for HLGSN is to help member local governments with the administration of federal initiatives, build capacity for members to improve sustainability performance locally, and provide a forum to exchange ideas and information with regional peers who share a common economy, culture, and climate.

HLGSN is self-governing, and membership is invite-only through peer review. The only requirement is that members are local government professionals. Current members include top-level managers from 14 cities and counties. Thus far, the network is comprised of mostly ICLEI USA communities, but ICLEI USA affiliation is not a requirement.  Kansas City, Missouri, is the founding member of HLGSN.


The 3 page document reviewed today may be viewed here Heartland CALL_2014_01_24

Portions shared and commented on below in order:


  • NOlathe note: All past (?) and current ICLEI members.



  • NOlathe note: Brendle is the recommended ICLEI contractor.



  • NOlathe note: As hard as we have tried, that makes no sense.



  • NOlathe note: We concede that corn is not the crop of choice in Oklahoma nor is cotton in Nebraska. But lets get another grant to study this?



  •  NOlathe note: ICLEI has already concluded there is Global Warming Climate Change but hasn’t any data to support that. Heartland group founded in 2010 and atleast partially responsible for massive mandates/spending is just now talking about acquiring data.



  • NOlathe noteGlobal Warming Climate Change Climate Resiliency.



  • NOlathe note: Global Warming Climate Change Climate Resiliency Climate Adaptation.


Conclusion- As recently as January 24, 2014 participants in ICLEI aka Agenda 21 have no data to support their mandates. Our elected have once again been duped with Chicken Little hysteria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henny_Penny .

Commissioners- This is the time of year to hatch and add new chicks to ones flock. Henpecked Acres currently has 18 under a heat lamp. Please tell Henny Penny we’ll keep the light on for her, it’s time to come home.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                GOD
Henpecked Acres            One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062

To reverse the negitive bond rating impact of having used ca$h to purchase King Louie in December 2011, Johnson County leased to and leased back this political favor from a bank on February 9, 2012 8788metcalfleaseagreement  with termination date of September 1, 2015. Base Rentals

With this date rapidly approaching we find on March 12, 2015 our SPEEDO BOYZ are scheduled to discuss this Outstanding highlighted with: Outstanding

Problem: SPEEDO BOYZ have already spent $870,576 on a $3,650,000 debt that has an appraised value of $450,000.

  1. Can’t outright sell King Louie without first paying bank $2,900,000.
  2. Can’t extend lease because bank now knows of appraisal.

Solution: SPEEDO BOYZ will pretend this wasn’t their fault and convince us they’ll fix it by spending $22,230,000 and call it something else!! (NOlathe Note: “Costs of Issuance” equals appraised value.)

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                      GOD
Henpecked Acres                                    
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062


On February 26, 2015 our Johnson County Board of County Commissioners will view the latest proposal to make King Louie a purdier pig. This make-over presentation only cost $150,000 that the Commissioners said was old money, already approved money, saved up to move the old moldy museum sometime long ago money. Funny no one asked how to pay for moving the museum if that money was spent finding a place to move it. Duh? Oh well, simple solution. Give the museum its own taxing authority and call it a park! More like a Merry-go-round cuz it seems we are going in circles.

Here is the $150,000 lipstick King_Wrecks all 62 pages. Mostly pictures so even our Commissioners can participate. But here is only little tidbit White HavenNext Steps

This is where it really gets neat (nutty can be neat). Merge the museum into the Parks and Wreck District so that both functions can administratively work under the direction of that District in a building they are not responsible for so that the county can sell $22,000,000 Bonds to pay for the renovations necessary while not affecting the District’s ability to also sell an additional $22,000,000 Bonds to pay for more parks only separated by new voting booths no one asked for while children play a sketch inside a building that has asbestos remembering when someone stayed at a hotel before bowling on an ice rink. Wasn’t that simple.

Degrees of separation between DC and JC is immeasurable. Stupid is as stupid does (when it is someone elses money).

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                          GOD
Henpecked Acres                                         
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
Olathe, Ks. 66062

Bridge under troubled Waters

NOlathe has always attempted to hold the “work 40 hour employees of Johnson County” in the highest regard. For the most part, they work as directed and not necessarily responsible for the really stupid things they do or say. No truer words could be said about Bureau Chief Joe Waters “and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you”.

http://www.jocogov.org/press-release/johnson-county-announces-new-director-facilities-management ” Johnson County Government’s new Director of Facilities Management has a 30-year career that includes related industry experience at Sprint Corporation and HCA Midwest Health. Brad Reinhardt joined the County on January 12, 2015. Joe Waters, who previously held the position, advanced to the County Manager’s Office, becoming the County’s full time Bureau Chief in November 2014 where he is responsible for central services departments.”

The typical Bureau Chief is use to deadlines so a reasonable person would have to ask why the often trembling voice and lack of conviction in this 1/8/15 presentation: 

In Context or Out of Context that is the question. The 100 page report is full of interpretation if one wants 201408FormerKingLouieAppraisalReportwithPIV but NOlathe stands by our previous position. This bridge is wore out and useless. On page 28 highlights a sequel to “A Bridge Too Far”.

Age / Life
Year Built: 1959
Actual Age: 55 years
Effective Age: 40 years
Typical Building Life: 40 years
Remaining Economic Life: 0 years

 For now we wait to evaluate what the approved $150,000 study will produce to market  “and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you”.

 “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                        GOD
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One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
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Two things you do not ask a United States Marine to do:
* Abandon their post to the enemy
* Abandon their weapon to the enemy

Yet that is exactly what happened yesterday in Yemen. Quite intentionally NOlathe posted this just a few months ago http://nolathe.net/2014/09/22/yemen-capital-falls-after-obama-cites-strategy-for-isis/ to document 9/11/14 events and because we saw this moment in time was coming. Yemen went from the model of success to diplomatic failure not yesterday, but from the months and years of failed leadership.

Originally posted on NOlathe's Blog:


(CNN) — When President Barack Obama said that U.S. strategy to combat the terror group ISIS could follow the models of strikes in Yemen and Somalia, it drew a swift rebuttal from some top Republicans.

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona took to the Senate floor Thursday to say the administration’s tactics in both of those countries had not succeeded and would be even less effective when used against ISIS.

“That is so disturbing, to think that a strategy against ISIS would be the same as against al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen,” said McCain. “Yes, we have been killing with drones. But we have by no means defeated them,” he said.

He was responding to Obama’s speech Wednesday night: “This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for…

View original 593 more words

JoCo Commission Chair “Oh shucks! We need to discuss the 2013 Cow Flatulence Study. But the last time we had public meetings on this, the room rumbled when we lost control.”

JoCo County Manager “Let’s schedule a secret meeting in the bowels of the building.”

JoCo Commission Chair “Make sure all the exhaust fans are pointed towards the Courthouse. Just in case someone gets wind of this they won’t blame me. There’s an election next week and tomorrow is Halloween.”

JoCo County Manager “Don’t worry boss. No advanced notice, no minutes, no recordings and no press or public. Unless they’re downwind, no one will ever know about the votes either. Just between us, I really like it when you call me Spooky Dude, ah sorry boss. Consider it done!”

JoCo Commission Chair “Okey Spooky Dude, Depends.”

Spooky Dude “Depends?”

JoCo Commission Chair “Depends you idiot! Don’t forget Depends!”

This “Keep 50 feet from open flame” story starts in 2012. Briefly:

Wanting to know the 2012 connection between George Soros, Johnson County and Clarion Associates we filed a KORA Request and Complaint   http://nolathe.net/2012/03/21/complaint-filed-with-kansas-attorney-general/

Wanting to know the 2012 connection between George Soros, Johnson County and I.C.L.E.I. we filed a KORA Request and Complaint http://nolathe.net/2012/04/12/second-complaint-filed-with-kansas-attorney-generals-office/

Maybe due to increasing pressure or just an act of nature, shortly after these filed complaints Johnson County leaked out their I.C.L.E.I. membership had expired.  Even recently one Commissioner was quoted to have said “We aren’t a member of ICLEI, I had Spooky Dude confirm that.”  NOlathe and others have often said that getting JoCo out of I.C.L.E.I was much easier than getting I.C.L.E.I. out of Johnson County. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 since leaving I.C.L.E.I. George Soros and Agenda 21 is not only alive but thriving.

But unknowingly during the complaint investigations of 2012, JoCo released to The Kansas State Attorney General’s Office what will be referred to as the “stinking document” ICLEI kora letter

Or more specifically

Real stinky

“Except as ICLEI expressly authorizes in writing and in advance, Consultant shall not use, copy, modify, or distribute any of the ICLEI Property (electronically or otherwise) or any copy, adaptation, transcription, or merged portion thereof.”

A reasonable person would conclude that neither Johnson County nor Consultant may use ICLEI name or property without written/prior approval. Spooky Dude says “Depends!

On October 30, 2014 held a secret meeting to discuss the  2013 Cow Flatulence Study provided here October 30, 2014 unrecorded meeting document

  • Just like Clarion Associates is ICLEI’s endorsed Charter 2020 coordinator the Brendle Group     http://www.brendlegroup.com/ is the recommended Consultant for ICLEI endorsed Cow Flatulence Studies.

Further review of the secret October 30, 2014 Greenhouse Gas 2013 documents we find

  • Johnson County’s Consultant was Brendle Group
  • For the first time in Flatulence Study History a joint study was conducted with Kansas City, Missery a current and dues paying member of ICLEI.
  • Licensed measuring and accounting property of ICLEI was used to collect and compile the data
  • ICLEI.1
  • ICLEI.2

NOlathe is quite sure that a lawfully answered KORA request would reveal a written agreement between ICLEI, Kansas City and Johnson County. These Soros Dudes are Spooky, but they ain’t stupid. They leave that to us. In 2014 our Commissioners accept a study from 2013 conducted by a group they dropped from 2012 and bet their flatulence in silence near silence.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”
Ken Dunwoody                                                     GOD
Henpecked Acres                                                   
One Nation
14850 W. 159th St.
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Troughs and pig-ears

Steve Rose: Purchase of iconic King Louie might still be a bargain

02/03/2015 5:43 PM

Some critics have referred to the 1960-era King Louie facility at 87th Street and Metcalf Avenue as a white elephant.

No, it turns out it was a sow’s ear, and the Johnson County Commission is about to make a silk purse out of it. There may be a happy ending to the controversial purchase.

It seemed at the time that it probably was not the best call by the commission to buy the 76,000-square-foot former bowling alley and ice rink for $1.95 million in 2011. Some commissioners bought into the idea of a National Museum of Suburbia, which never went anywhere.

Now, after some false starts, it appears the commission has come up with a dandy idea as to what to do with this iconic building.

As proposed, King Louie would house the Johnson County Museum — a history museum — now housed in a 1927 building in Shawnee that is falling apart. It also would house the All-Electric House, which is part of the exhibit at the museum. That has always been part of the original intent to buy King Louie. In fact, the original estimate in 2009 to relocate and expand the museum in an existing building was $15 million to 20 million.

What is new is the idea of converting the rest of the building into a Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center, including Theatre in the Park productions when it is not performing outside in the warm weather at Shawnee Mission Park. Intensive arts programs also will be part of the concept.

The arts and theater combination would be a massive step in Johnson County toward improving the arts culture in a county previously described by many as a “cultural wasteland.”

In addition, there would be room set aside for an advance voting, which previously was housed in Metcalf South, a now empty mall, probably soon to be razed.

The renovation of King Louie will cost taxpayers $22 million. That is not a small sum, but if King Louie can become what is envisioned, it will be a bargain.

The commission’s majority vote to approve, which could take place next month, is not a done deal.

The vote to approve something like a feasibility study for $150,000 passed on just a 4-3 vote.

Assuming the study provides positive information, especially on costs, one has to wonder why the three dissenting commissioners would not reverse their votes on the final approval and make this a unanimous decision.

The persistent grumblings, which were highlighted in the race for county chairman, were that the county paid too much for the building; and that the cost of remediation was too great for what we were getting.

Those criticisms are no longer valid.

Thanks to some very creative thinking, the idea of making King Louie an arts and culture mecca for the county would make the original purchase look like a very smart idea, as would the additional funding to bring this to reality.

As a bonus, the revitalization of King Louie blends in perfectly with Overland Park’s “Vision Metcalf,” which is an effort to beautify the corridor. Already, there has been great progress, and the redevelopment of Metcalf South will be the capstone. A rundown King Louie could only have become an eyesore.

Now, taxpayers have the opportunity to make King Louie one of the most significant public buildings in Johnson County.

A 7-0 vote may be wishful thinking, but it is not unreasonable.


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