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Ask why the secrecy to nullify HOME RULE CHARTER here……………

County Chairman


Ed Eilert
913-715-0500 | Bio | ed.eilert@jocogov.org

First District Commissioner

First District Commissioner

C. Edward Peterson
913-715-0431 | Bio | ed.peterson@jocogov.org

Second District Commissioner

Second District Commissioner

James (Jim) P. Allen
913-715-0432 | Bio | jim.allen@jocogov.org

Third District Commissioner

Third District Commissioner

Steven C. Klika
913-715-0433 | Bio | steve.klika@jocogov.or

Fourth District Commissioner

Fourth District Commissioner

Jason Osterhaus
913-715-0434 | Bio | jason.osterhaus@jocogov.org

Fifth District Commissioner

Fifth District Commissioner

Michael Ashcraft
913-715-0435 | Bio | michael.ashcraft@jocogov.org

Sixth District Commissioner

Sixth District Commissioner

John Toplikar
913-715-0436 | Bio | john.toplikar@jocogov.org

From: Cynthia.Dunham@jocogov.org
To: Kdunwoody2@aol.com
Sent: 7/15/2014 3:34:22 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Commissioner Ashcraft

Mr. Dunwoody:

As a follow-up to my prior email, attached JCSOJuly2nd-ResponsetoDiscussionPaper please find the Response to the Johnson County Auditor’s Discussion Paper, which was prepared by the Sheriff’s auditor, BKD. This Response was received subsequent to my prior email. Additionally, please note the restrictions on publication and reproduction set forth in BKD’s…

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Shortly after being sworn in as Chairman, Eilert and the County Manager conspired to eliminate written “transcripts” of official BOCC meetings.  After this was made public http://nolathe.net/2011/02/26/our-clear-and-present-danger/  NOlathe notified all Commissioners repeatedly that this was illegal to do without a vote.  NOlathe also offered to pay the $25,000 estimated annual expense to continue providing the necessary “transcripts” to no avail.  As a last resort we notified the BOCC that this was a violation of the ADA (Americans Disability Act) depriving the hearing impaired from information discussed during official BOCC meetings.
Now months later, Chairman Eilert puts a happy face on this fiasco and claims his leadership has solved a major and long standing problem.  The other six Commissioners sit as if they are hearing impaired, their silence with this debacle is deafening.

Closed caption option begins for County Commission meetings

POSTED: 2:16 pm CDT June 8, 2011
The June 9…

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County throws in the towel.

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I am reminded back when schools had chalk boards and student hall monitors.  In seventh grade, Drake Junior High School somewhere in Colorado, I think it was Math Class, the student sitting behind me was only known at the time as George.  He found great pleasure in leaning forward (out of teacher’s view) and “flicking” the back of my right ear.  Never the left, always the right.  The students behind him would chuckle and become silent when the teacher turned.

Not sure how long I put up with this, but eventually I turned and spoke those immortal words “choose ya!”  That meant we were going to have a fight and George got to pick the time and place.  After class and walking down some steps the “tennis courts during lunch” was agreed.  There we were, swinging like professionals for about 5 minutes without either landing a punch.  With neither hurt and growing…

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At the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Meeting August 8, 2013 the Commissioners backtracked on a breakfast buffet of waffles that would saved the tax payers in excess of $8,000,000 of currently known “improvements” to the formally condemned and repossessed King Louie Building in the Metcalf Corridor of Overland Park, Kansas.

Public pressure recently forced the Commission to stop funding the original idea of the “Museum of Suburbia” that started the purchase of this old, vacant and environmental health hazard that just happened to be owned by friends of local government.  (Even the Wall Street Journal later made headlines mocking this $40,000,000 debacle.)  On the verge of an intentionally delayed condemnation by Overland Park and repossession by a local bank, our County purchased this $4,500,000 listed property for $2,000,000 (through a realtor with employer status among at least one Part-time Commissioner).  Without knowing how to pay for the purchase, they…

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With numbers of students measured in the thousands and the money spent educating them measured in the billions, the only meaningful way to show them on the same graph is to measure the percent change from the prior year.  The Number 1 on the X axis is a measurment of the school year ending in 2001 compared to the school year ending in 2000.  Likewise the Number 9 is a percent change measurement from the school year ending 2008.

On the graph we measured three sets of data:  the Kansas Total Student Enrollment K-12, the Kansas Total Hispanic Enrollment K-12 and the Kansas Total Expenditures K-12.  Again, all the displayed data is a measure of percent change from the previous year.  Any number above 100% demonstrates positive growth and any number less than 100% demonstrates negative growth.

In Summary from Kansas School years ending 2001 through 2009:

  • Total Kansas Student Enrollment saw…

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Some months ago we visited the ‘Register of Deeds Office’ located on the first floor of the Johnson County Office Building and asked for documents associated with 8788 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park.  Although this cost NOlathe staff nearly 15 minutes and $4.25 copying fees here is some of what we found.

On June 27, 2003 and years before going out of business, a Mortgage was filed on the property located at 8788 Metcalf Ave aka King Louie Building.  The entire June 27, 2003 Mortgage may be viewed here.


Page 1-  Property required to remain in tenantable condition.


Page 3- Pay mortgage due or forfeit property if condemned.


By now some of you may think “Ken has lost it.  Too much hospital and too many meds have done him in.  What does a 2003 mortgage have to do with the county purchasing an asbestos laden building in 2011?”  

Well, let’s look at another…

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As previously posted, both NOlathe and the Johnson County Government participated in this production.  NOlathe supplied the George Soros http://www.theblaze.com/stories/is-the-soros-sponsored-agenda-21-a-hidden-plan-for-world-government-yes-only-it-is-not-hidden/ information and Johnson County is one of the local governments referenced.

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